Terlebeh cucuk botok agaknya
Terlebeh cucuk botok agaknya

Downtown Auckland ground to its annual halt today as the city’s main street was taken over by naked breasts, motorcycles and thousands of men armed with mobile phone cameras.

More than 80,000 people were estimated to have visited Queen St on a gray and occasionally showery day to attend the annual Boobs On Bikes parade, organised by Steve Crow in part to promote the Erotica Lifestyle Expo.

Police presence at the parade was high but they had a fairly quiet as the crowd remained orderly, though eager for a view and a photo.

The publicity for the parade has been relatively low-key this year, in part because there have been no attempts by local authorities or moral conservative groups to ban the parade.

However, one observer told NZPA it appeared numbers were similar to 2008, if not higher.

An Auckland City Council attempt to ban the parade last year failed after a judge ruled it was not offensive.

Cameron Brewer, chief executive of the Business Association of rival retail area Newmarket , said the parade was not a good look while the city hosted international visitors for Fashion Week.

Fashion did not appear to play a big part in the parade, however, unless one’s definition of fashion extended to quality motorcycles and plastic surgery.

The parade included American Chelsea Charms, who claims to have the largest breasts in the world, who was riding a tank rather than a motorcycle.

Drag queens and a topless male motorcyclist also found their way to the parade

sumbangan dari teman Paksu dari NZ.


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